Legendary Personal Development Coach, author and international business speaker, Brian Tracy says of “The 3 C’s of Succcess”…

“This book is loaded with great ideas you can use NOW to unleash your personal potential and accomplish more than you ever thought possible.“
~Brian Tracy, Author of over 60 books


Then there is this statement from multimillionaire, author and the publisher of THINK & GROW RICH… ~Melvin Powers

“This outstanding, inspirational book will guide you in reaching your full potential!
It’s a blueprint for personal growth, happiness, and success in all areas of your life.”
Melvin Powers, Publisher Think and Grow Rich mpphoto



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Kannan V. …
It is great book with inspirational content and teaching practical steps to become successful.  Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Best wishes for your printed book soon. Best wishes, Kannan Viswagandhi
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—- It is a wonderful little ebook full of inspiration.

“I highly recommend reading this.”          

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~~~~~ Content rich! 124 pages,
“The 3 C’s of Success” is a one of a kind, thought-provoking eBook which quickly separates itself from the ocean of “success ebooks” available on the internet.
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Table of Contents: “The 3 C’s of Succcess”

Introduction So, who wants to be a “Success”?
The Enigma that is Success Success Defined = Your Bull’s–Eye
It’s Your Life—Take Action!

Creativity Creativity – Your Essence The Two Types of Creativity
Passion for a purpose, how to create value

Character Essential Character Traits Master Character Traits
Begin with Mindfulness
The KEY Eight that Separate
Welcome to the Grand Illusion
Challenges Develop Character
Responsibility is Job#1
Belief Put a Man on the Moon!
“B”elief comes before “A”ction
Use models for inspiration
Awareness of Your Thoughts–Step One to Positive Thinking One thought at a time, please!
Life Is a TEAM Sport
The Highest Form of Maturity
Begin (and End) With Happiness!
Choose Happiness: Be Proactive
Health Is the First Wealth

Completion Pe to Ke
You Do Have the Music Inside of You!
Find motivation through regret
Enter Excuses: Stage Right
Darkest Before the Dawn
The real payoff
Keep it quite
What’s Your Rocking Chair Telling You?
Failure is NOT the opposite of success!
More Questions
The Oak Versus the Microwave Wave, Slow is fast

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