“If you like the poetry, do not seek the poet.”

A few things Mitch W. Steel would like you to know.

1) Who is Mitch W. Steel?
I’d prefer we all focus on the message(s) here and in the book (Now, ONLY $3.99, Kindle & iBook) “The 3 C’s of Succcess”. So I won’t be posting pictures of me and my family (beautiful wife and kids) dog(2 dogs now), 2 cats and beach house. Or, me leaning against a Ferrari in Nice, France.
If you’re looking for something to validate your time here you should note that you are seeking security which is fine – just know security is an illusion. Check out the BEGIN HERE page from the menu at the top.
There is a great saying, “If you like the poetry, do not seek the poet.” So, while I can appreciate your desire to validate your time here and make yourself comfortable with who is behind the thoughts and words you read, let’s just pretend Mitch W. Steel doesn’t exist. So, the better question is, WHO ARE YOU?

2) Trust yourself.
YOU already know ALL the answers. Yes, ALL the answers.  If you just said “no I don’t” you’re listening to the ego-self (you) vs the cosmic self. (U as in Universe). Seriously, for every question you can ask the answer must exist simultaneously. You may not understand the answer or even see it but it’s there. Remember, GURU is a FOUR letter word. The amount of garbage on the internet – from purported ‘experts’ regurgitating the same ‘truths’ (which, in many cases are horribly inaccurate is alarming). That’ll be in another post someday. Why would i write a book if you already have the answers? I’m just sharing experiences and insight that at one time or another would likely become evident to you if it hasn’t already.

3) This leads us to, BELIEVE.
As in believe in yourself. See “Belief Tree – Success is binary” post. You have control over ONE thing, your thoughts. If you don’t have the fundamental belief – you can’t win.

4) Effortlessness: This brings us back to #2 – with Trust comes effortlessness.
Which is a little different than just wasting time aimlessly. Effortlessness is effort without forcefulness. Co-creation is the order of the day. You, as creator are part of a larger, constant and infinite creative source. Your innate nature is to CREATE. YOU ARE A CREATURE. With perfect alignment within the universe, co-creation becomes almost effortless. This is what is meant by trust and effortlessness.

5) I / we will try to limit the number of list posts

6) no ‘donation’ requests here… pretty sure i won’t be asking for donations

7) you may be able to advertise with us

8 ) guest posts are always accepted. no guarantee though of it being posted. email mitchWsteel  AT  gmail doT Com

9) YOU are a MIRACLE.
But, don’t take my word for it, take Einstein’s. See the Loser! post. The only limit you have is you. You are what holds you back and you of course can set yourself free. You are the lock and the key! The only way you can break through — to create your ideal future is to change your _______?

10) sorry, comments are OFF –
we lost hundreds of comments after the site was hacked (thanks netsol). And, for now it just keeps thing cleaner/easier. thanks so much for taking the time and hope you find the posts/book worthwhile. enjoy!